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We are MALY Foundation. Our mission is to provide collaborative practices through excellence in education, innovation and service, particularly in underserved communities. Our objectives include:

  1. Ending period poverty by providing sanitary products and health education to young women, community leaders and health workers in underprivileged communities.
  2. To provide and distribute supplies and accessories including health care aid and education essentials to disadvantaged communities
  3. Feeding programs to reduce food insecurity for people in underprivileged communities.
  4. Partnering with stakeholders to create and maintain conducive learning environments for students.
  5. Collaborate with institutions to facilitate accessibility to educational institutions.
  6. новые игровые автоматы myvulkan зеркало

We will be working on our first objective which is to end period poverty. The first school we are targeting has about 100 girls of which 96 use cloths instead of pads. It was also discovered that 38 of them miss out on school whilst menstruating. In addition, the school does not have clean drinking water as a result poses a serious health hazard to the children.

We would sincerely appreciate your donation which would go towards providing these young promising girls with yearly supply of sanitary products. We also intend to  build toilets for these deserving kids.

We’re Helping Hand To End Period Poverty